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Behavioral Resource Group is a world leader in Behavioral Modification, Behavioral Interpretation, Analytics, Integrated Motivational Orientations, Integrated Value Orientations, and the tools to measure them. We specialize in building outstanding people acumen and behavioral change. Better people equal better results. How do you organize your people and help them develop an understanding of how they think and why they are motivated the way they are?

Businesses need a model of people development that ensures behavioral modification that works and lasts. What do you bring to your role and what behavioral attributes make you the best at what you do? Which behavioral attributes are stunting your growth or weakening your effectiveness? Join our list of clients who have experienced effective change!

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Better People. Better Everything.

We show you a new way to work that gives you and your business the energy to grow and the confidence to succeed with your people.

We fix companies

Join Us And Discover Your Best Self!

Imagine for a moment finding out everything there is to know about how you are wired. Now imagine being able to capitalize on it like crazy.

Our “Your Best Self” retreats enable you to meet others who are focused on personal and self-discovery in an intimate setting built on vulnerability and authenticity.

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The Aristos Model of Behavior

Aristos is a Greek word that suggests a moving towards your best self. Many people experience Soul Frustration, Role Frustration, and Goal Frustration. Let us help you fix that.

Behavioral Change

Change begins with “Intended Behavior” through a process involving the Mentation System. We bring lasting change.

Workplace Motivation

Understanding your worldview and your Integrated Motivational System will help you align yourself with your best pathway forward.

The Empathy System

Empathy is the key to motivation and social success among differing people types. We measure it and help you understand your own empathetic system.

Hiring Insights

It’s not about hiring the right person. It’s all about hiring the right brain. We will tell you how you think and how to capitalize on it.

The IBO Analysis

The IMO Analysis

The IVO Analysis

Our Partners and Affiliates

We train our analysts using the most comprehensive training plan thus ensuring the best possible engagement. We build our own assessment tools.

Behavioral Edge Design

Less than 25 percent of the workforce is experiencing actual talent within their career. We work with environmental influences and behavioral integrations to maximise individuals best selves by integrating both the environment and the personality into a cohesive whole.

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We love our clients!

Passionate, Life-Changing, Motivational Speaking

Motivating and enlightening audiences around the world with a timeless message of self-discovery. How to succeed in life and work by being your best self.

Steve never recommends you change yourself. He helps you be yourself.

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