We Fix Companies Because We Focus On People

Growth is granular

Standardized approaches to growth do not work. Businesses face a unique mix of challenges because of a unique mix of personalities, which include differing emotions, motivations, behaviors, and world-views. We dig deeper into these personal dynamics to uncover your specific barriers to growth so we can focus on removing them.

Growth is intensely personal

We believe intrinsic human value is #1. Managing emotions is more critical than establishing commission structures. People first, things second, and ideas about people and things third. All problems stem from the reverse.

Growth is an outcome not a goal

Personal growth always results in organizational growth. We work with companies to create a structure for sustainable growth, so that each individual, at every level, can make valuable contributions by identifying and intensifying their behavioral and motivational assets.

Growth takes energy

Creating the conditions for real sustainable growth is difficult. We focus on the “personal” nature of growth, which gives individuals the energy to confront difficult issues standing in their way.

Growth needs the proper framework

Your business can’t grow unless your people do. When your business is structured in a way that allows each employee to capitalize on their unique talents, it’s easier to make progress towards a shared goal.

Start first and improve second

Our method gives organizations a way to work so that your people and your business can grow together.

Our approach

PRECISE: We have an intense focus.

  • Personal not Invasive
  • Specific not Vague
  • Relevant not Obvious

FORTHRIGHT: We look people in the eye.

  • Direct not Blunt
  • Straightforward not Cold
  • Candid not Harsh

ILLUMINATING: We show people new paths.

  • Thought-Provoking not Arrogant
  • Revealing not Argumentative
  • Engaging not Salesy

POWERFUL: Our words have impact.

  • Strong not Unbending
  • Substantial not Overwhelming
  • Energizing not Frenetic