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Our IBO Report

The IBO Report (Featuring TARP)

The IBO Report (Integrated Behavioral Orientations) measures the four (4) Primary emotions using the Aristos Personality Model. This method increases self-awareness through our rigorous “statement setting.” The IBO Report measures the consistency among the primary emotions and contrasts the subsequent behavioral responses.

Our TARP Analysis determines how someone is “responding” to their current environment and then provides statements that reflect these actions. This is the most powerful behavioral analysis you will ever experience. Your clients will not believe the accuracy of this report!

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Our IMO Report

The IMO Report 

The IMO Report (Integrated Motivational Orientations) measures the seven (7) Motivational Elements and combines them to create a specific style. This report measures a persons motivational “consistency” and “direction.” The respondent will be able to gather the information necessary to measure their environment and how consistent it is with their wants, needs, and desires. Your clients will not believe the accuracy of this report!

Value Drivers: Pathways to success are determined by understanding what drives us. The 7 motivational elements (drivers) will allow the respondent to see where their brain tension is occurring. Where there is brain tension there must be a reduction. Reducing brain tension is what we are all after. You will know where tension reduction is taking place and if the respondent will be successful reducing it.

Behavior and Value Conflicts: These reports measure contradictions within the respondent’s driver set. These competing commitments to emotions can get in the way of getting important inner needs met.

Overall Conflicts: Both our emotions and inner desires can be at conflicting stages. A good example of this is the need for a raise at work but an inability to ask for it. We can measure where your conflicts are coming from and tell you what you can do to reconcile the emotional roadblock it creates.

Support and Flow: Our reports measure brain flow. This is determined by which emotions are flowing with which needs and drivers. Knowing this information is key to successfully navigating employment decisions, relationships, and natural ability. These tools are all you will need to decipher human conflicts.

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What is Aristos Psychology?

We are Behavioral Analysts, Axiologists, and Professional Values Analysts who specialize people intelligence using the Aristos Personality Model. Our goal is to assist our clients in navigating the two points of tension associated with the push and pull between both separate and shared existences within the workplace. What we desire for ourselves is oftentimes in conflict with what is expected of us in relation to our partners, managers, subordinates, and peers.

The psychology associated with the Aristos Personality Model and the behavioral orientations we follow, allow us to reconcile our unconscious and conscious actions associated with the interplay between our emotional intensities and core desires. This improves our decision-making and behavioral interaction with the people we work with thus creating emotional synergy and allowing us to become our best self.

How we have learned to survive and succeed within our past environments consistently carries over into our work life and peer relationships. Both our brain type and overarching traits will have a large impact on how we communicate with the world. Our proven process will not only increase your own people intelligence, it will also create the groundwork for lasting change and relationship excellence.

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“This assessment is the most accurate report I have ever seen!” -Mike Hodge

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