The Marriage Makeover!

Why do most marriages fail? That’s a great question and fortunately, we can answer it. Not only that, but we can give you the odds of success when it comes to your marriage.

Behavioral Analysis

We are experts in behavioral, motivational, and axiological analysis. We can assist you in finding out what is wrong and what is right about you or someone else. Connect with us and join our family!

Our Self-Discovery Retreat

This is a 2-day emotional and behavioral “crash-course” designed to provide you with the most astonishing view of self that you will likely ever encounter.


Active Military Assessment

If you’re active military and you’re transitioning in the next year then we want to offer you a free behavioral analysis and a conversation. This will help you understand what career choice may be right for you. Oh, and it’s on us!

The Holy Trinity

Leave no stone unturned! This full analysis will give you everything you need to know about yourself and why you do what you do. C’mon! You know you want to do it!


How’re things working out for you? Good? Not good? We’ll know why and what to do. Check us out and see if you would like to uncover, discover, and recover your authentic self.