We Love our Military Service Members!


As a U.S. Soldier in transition, you will likely experience problems and challenges navigating from a government based system to self-reliance within the civilian world. We have found that many soldiers thrive in the military world, but only end up surviving the civilian world.

Our proven process will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses thus giving you an added dimension to your mental and emotional awareness levels during your transition. We have discounted our analysis and debriefing to half in an effort to support our troops. If you are not in a position to pay, we will get you profiled by other means. This is our promise to our soldiers in uniform.

An Emotional Measurement

Our Full Behavioral Analysis measures your 4 primary emotions in an effort to determine “how” you will interact with the world around you. The level of intensity between the interactive emotional patterns of your concealed emotions will determine your character base; what you do in an effort to succeed and survive in the world.

With this tool and our full 60 minutes debrief you can:

1. Learn what makes you do the things you do.
2. Learn what your brain needs to feel happy.
3. Learn what environments work best for your brain.
4. Learn what career is likely the best one for your current state of mind.
5. Learn what type of relationship works best for you.
6. Learn the process your brain uses as a default processing mechanism.
7. Learn what specific element is getting in the way of your career goals.
8. Learn what you need to stop doing in order to move forward now.
9. Learn what your specific superpower is.
10. Learn what will increase your chances of success in specific environments.
11. Learn where you’re limited in communication effectiveness.
12. And much more!