So Who is This Steve Sisler Guy Anyway?

Steve is one of today’s Master Level Behavioral Profilers and lead Behavioral Analyst at The Behavioral Resource Group. His behavioral consultation involves personality difference, career strategy, leadership strategy, cultural difference, spiritual growth, relationship management, and temperament strategy. Working with clients in more than 18 nations, Steve gathers behavioral, emotional, and attitudinal information on individuals within corporate and personal settings and develops strategies for effective leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurial success.

Steve’s clients have come to know him as their “go to” source for behavioral and attitudinal issues within the framework of business, family, and career intentions. His work is unconventional, his approach is practical, and his outcomes are unbelievable while he remains somewhat fashionable. Steve has shared the platform with top speakers such as Guy Kawasaki, Kimbal Musk, Steve Sims, Dan Martel, Ben Greenfield, and David Asprey. Steve has also been featured on podcasts large and small such as the Art of Charm, Ben Greenfield, the Unmistakably Creative and many others which you can experience by Googling: Steven Sisler podcast.

Steve makes personality easy and teaches from an Aristos Personality Model of understanding. Steve is a world-class speaker and has spoken at The Vineyard Leadership Institute, Mastermind Talks; Toronto Canada, The EMP Group at M.I.T. Boston (6 years running), EO’s Global Leadership Conference in Athens Greece, EO; Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland New Zealand, and worked with Hero Switzerland as well as a myriad of dot com’s throughout the United States and the world at large.

Steve speaks on subjects such as Communication, Aristos Personality Theory, The Emotional Framework, The Power of Imperfection, Post-Modern Influences, Attitudes & Values, Spiritual Difference, Leadership & Self-Understanding, Behavioral Languages, Personality Difference, and is the creator of The Maven Way of Management as found in his popular book; “There’s More to Management Than a Big Desk.”

Learn to Manage the Maven Way!

Aristos Personality Theory

We are Behavioral Analysts, Axiologists, and Professional Values Analysts who specialize people intelligence using the Aristos Personality Model. Our goal is to assist our clients in navigating the two points of tension associated with the push and pull between both separate and shared existences within the workplace. What we desire for ourselves is oftentimes in conflict with what is expected of us in relation to our partners, managers, subordinates, and peers.

The psychology associated with the Aristos Personality Model and the behavioral orientations we follow, allow us to reconcile our unconscious and conscious actions associated with the interplay between our emotional intensities and core desires. This improves our decision-making and behavioral interaction with the people we work with thus creating emotional synergy and allowing us to become our best self. The Aristos model is a psychology of “responsibility.” This means understanding ourselves and others while remaining response-“able.” Able to respond in the appropriate way that will “enhance” the relationship rather than “using” it. Relationships become primary as oppoded to intrumental.

How we have learned to survive and succeed within our past environments consistently carries over into our work life and peer relationships. Both our brain type and overarching traits will have a large impact on how we communicate with the world. Our proven process will not only increase your own people intelligence, it will also create the groundwork for lasting change and relationship excellence.

Steve Sisler