The Visionary
High D Personality - The Dominance Family

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The D family is associated with the ANGER emotion. This means everyone in the D family needs and appreciates PROBLEMS and CHALLENGES on some level. They are usually EXTROVERTED, TASK ORIENTED, and FAST MOVING. Their goal is RESULTS. The orientation to this style is taking. This style believes all that is desirable is outside the self and must be pursued, captured, and controlled.


The Visionary (Front-Runner) is optimistic, forward looking, determined, bottom-line oriented, tenacious, quick, and can accomplish a lot in a little time. They are creative, inventive, and initiate activity while challenging the status quo. They take enormous risks. Refuse to be pinned down and can wiggle out of anything. Han Solo. Right brained intuitive.


They overstep authority, can be too direct, they are very impatient with slower people, they are overly optimistic, they don’t pay enough attention to details, they exaggerate, and make mistakes.

Romantic Relationships:

The Visionary will be attracted to passive partners they can direct and control and that can bring stabilization. They seek stable people who are less expressive and good listeners. Visionaries are usually the more impatient, aggressive partners in the relationship. They can appear detached, aloof, over-emotional, and very unstable and irrational as opposed to stable and rational. They will be abrupt, loud, and quick-fused and can change course without warning. Only the strong will survive a relationship with a Visionary.


The Visionary seeks friendships that sharpen their skills. They can have passive friends they can compete with, but want aggressive successful friends they can emulate. They speak their mind in relationships and expect them to do the same. They like emotional banter and will be highly flexible, unreliable, and less loyal. They have many friendships with shallow interfacing.


Visionary parents are fun and exciting. They are poor “bad cops” and great “good cops.” The other parent will make the rules and like the children, the Motivator will break them. They are unpredictable, challenging, entertaining, and will change their mind without warning. They can over parent or exaggerate emotions. Highly disorganized and chaotic. Manages children haphazardly and without a plan.

Career Paths:

Motivators like to be in charge. They seek position power, a large desk, and authoritative roles where they can be the stars of the show. They like task oriented positions with high people contact. This could include sales, leadership, motivational speaking, acting, improvisation, preachers, stand-up comedians, real estate sales, car sales, and positions with a high degree of people contacts.

Workplace Habits:

Motivator habits include being competitive, goal setting, seeking challenge and opportunity, and rocking the boat. They like non-routine work, people interaction, flexible hours, changes in scenery, and exciting assignments. They like to be associated with success and successful people.


The Visionary needs freedom from details, controls, supervision, and boring people. They need a forum to express ideas along with alone time that involves creative work. When communicating with this person, ask for their opinion, be stimulating, focus on them, and allow time for socializing. Get to the point quickly.