The Surveyor
High S Personality - The Stable Family

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The S family is associated with the Patience emotion. This means everyone in the S family needs and appreciates SAFETY and SECURITY on some level. They are usually INTROVERTED, SAFETY ORIENTED, and SLOW MOVING. Their goal is PEACE and HARMONY. The orientation to this style is PRESERVING. They believe all things of value must be received from an outside source and will likely wait for it.


The Surveyor is confident of their personal work accomplishments. They thrive when they have a strong sense of direction over their work and personal lives.  They are continually in pursuit of new accomplishments. While their anger emotion is focused on results, their patient nature cares about fairness and respect. Single-minded. Middle brain integrated.


Surveyors are the most difficult style to read. They are passive-aggressive, intolerant of foolishness, and over logical. They appear to lack empathy even if they don’t. They are like the dog you are not sure you should touch. They are difficult to predict and are only loyal to some. They use contention over consensus and will fight for what they want. They pride themselves in being ready for any eventuality thus tend to hope for it.

Romantic Relationships:

The Surveyors will seek more outgoing, talkative styles with more personal drive. They will be hard to read in the relationship and will tend to be factual, incisive, matter-of-fact, and at times aggressive for no apparent reason. They prefer stable no nonsense people and may seem difficult to please. They will stand by their decisions once they are made. They are loyal and will fight for their cause or someone else’s if they believe in it. They will be matter-of-fact lovers showing little emotion. May lack sexual desire and see it as a necessary evil.


TheSurveyor seeks friendships that they can admire—they like achievers and dislike moochers. They are loyal friends and strong reliable people. The Surveyor can talk about difficult things when necessary, be curt, tight lipped, and too the point. Touchy-feely people tend to avoid this style.


Surveyor styled parents are steady maintainers. The develop routines for their children and create a strong stable environment. They are non aggressive, but can blow their top when their fuse runs out. They are good listeners, even-handed/strong disciplinarians, and predictable. They have a reputation for being task-oriented, immovable and uncompromising.

Career Paths:

Surveyor styles like to assist and help others overcome their problems. They are nurses, doctors, social workers, assistants, and teachers. They bring stability, reliability to chaotic situations. They are inflexible and directive thus will seek roles that allow decision-making.

Workplace Habits:

Surveyor habits include helping, assisting others with challenges, and keeping quiet. They will take an aggressive stand when necessary; they like their ducks in a row, and need plenty of time to make changes. They are loyal, supportive workers who want respect.


The Surveyor is a natural style choice when fighting for equality and justice.  With their patience emotion and aggressive tenacity, they are willing to speak up for those who are unwilling or unable.  With the willpower of their dominance tendency, and the stable patience tendency, the Surveyor displays unwavering determination to fight for a cause.