The Stabilizer
High S Personality - The Stable Family

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The S family is associated with the Patience emotion. This means everyone in the S family needs and appreciates SAFETY and SECURITY on some level. They are usually INTROVERTED, SAFETY ORIENTED, and SLOW MOVING. Their goal is PEACE and HARMONY. This orientation is RESPONDING. They believe all good things must be received from the outside world and will wait for it.


The Stabilizer pattern has a dogged determination to goals and follow through.  Stabilizers are clear about the results they want. They calmly and steadily pursue toward a fixed goal. With a clear plan and organized actions they accomplish much. They thrive on challenging technical assignments where they can use logic and reason instead of emotion and instinct. Left brain integrated. They wait until their words are correct before bring them to bear on others.


Stabilizers are perfectionist and give themselves little room for failure. They are analytical and distrusting of other people as a rule. They can be blunt and overly task focused thus removing any opportunity for fun and enjoyment. They hold grudges and internalize conflict until it becomes a problem. They hide pain and appear confident when not. Will use consensus balanced with contention and stay in the middle of the road.

Romantic Relationships:

The Stabilizer will seek more careless people who are less risk adverse. They are the listener and the partner is usually more verbally aggressive. They will keep their emotions at bay and may not share exactly what they are thinking with a partner. They will be suspicious, passive-aggressive, and punchy with partners as a rule. may fear sexual activity and appear more alluring during courtship, but not in marriage.


The Stabilizer is loyal and reliable. They influence friends through their tenacity and determination. They don’t like lazy people and will likely not befriend them. They can appear distant in relationships and will lack emotional connection. Live in the present and the past, but have difficulty imagining the future with others.


Stabilizers are strict parents who expect a strong work ethic from their children. They are uncompromising and non-emotional. They may lack capacity for touching, hugging, kissing, and emotional support. They are corrective, no-nonsense, task oriented and often silent. They maintain stability and require punctual attendance to events while they themselves could be late.

Career Paths:

Stabilizer styles like title and role authority. They are always looking for authoritative roles within a secondary position. They are strict leaders who expect perfection and compliance to their high standards. They are poor leaders when it comes to creating buy-in from others. Nursing, teaching, and analytical roles suit this style well.

Workplace Habits:

Stabilizer habits include determination, reliability, caution, persistence, bluntness, criticism, and logical approaches to problems and challenges. They get things done without help.


Stabilizers value accomplishing things in a very well done manner. They assume heavy responsibility and are attentive to important details that others miss. They have a keen ability to learn from experience and can take corrective action when necessary.