The Relator
High S Personality - The Stable Family

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The S family is associated with the Patience emotion. This means everyone in the S family needs and appreciates SAFETY and SECURITY on some level. They are usually INTROVERTED, SAFETY ORIENTED, and SLOW MOVING. Their goal is PEACE and HARMONY. This style’s orientation is RESPONDING. They believe anything of value can only be received from an outside source and will therefore tend to wait for it.


Relators (Harmonizers) are easy going, relaxed, and they go with the flow. Like their “Rescuer” siblings, they strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and are committed to treating people with respect. They tend to think of others first, then themselves. Their supportive style is naturally empathetic, and their optimistic style exudes enthusiasm. Left brain integrated.


Relators are conflict avoiders. They will find it difficult to do and say the harder more controversial things. They like to get along with everyone and will not likely tell you what they are actually thinking. They will put off difficult things until they become critical. They have a heightened awareness of what others think of them. Relators tend to overuse kindness, which can cause them to compromise their own needs for the wants of others. Realize self-worth, be more assertive, speak you mind and be firm when necessary. Develop the ability to say no when appropriate.

Romantic Relationships:

The Relator will seek more controlling, dominant people. Because they like to be safe, they will be attracted to “unsafe” styles because they know they will attack aggressors when necessary. They like easy-going relationships and will be more heart and mouth in the relationship. Because they like partners who are more head and hands, they often bite off more than they can chew in a relationship. Tend to respect their “vows,” but can also hide vice very well.


The Relator seeks friendships that they can admire—they like achievers and dislike mean people. They are loyal friends and strong harmony producers. The Relator likes fun and spontaneity. They like to talk for hours and share feelings. They are messy and lack a personal agenda. Extraverted and sympathetic, this style keeps conversations alive when they are dying.


Relators treat the family like a team. They are generous and like to be the “good” parent. They don’t like it when one child excludes another and they will mediate the child problems well. Oftentimes they try to be friends rather than parents and this can cause difficulty when bringing needed correction. They may want the other partner to do the correcting.

Career Paths:

Relator styles like to assist and help others. They are nurses, social workers, assistants, and teachers. They bring stability and reliability to chaotic situations. They are generous caregivers.

Workplace Habits:

Relator habits include helping, assisting others with challenges, and enjoying meaningful conversation. They will not likely take an aggressive stand when necessary. They will tend to “play” (online) if they have nothing to do because they lack a personal agenda.


Relators have excellent task related skills and add stability to their work environment through adherence to procedures and the completion of tasks given to them.  While they generally avoid conflict, Relators are willing to mediate between others to restore harmony in the workplace when factions arise.