Power Broker (Overextended Pattern 124 A)
Outlier Personality Types

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The Outlier family is associated with patterns that lay outside the national norm. This means everyone in the Outlier family will see less of themselves in those around them simply because you don’t see these styles as often as you see the 15 styles associated with the 4 families.


The Power Broker pattern requires an insightful atmosphere and their approach is investigative. They are very difficult to read and will work hard to build data and human systems. They are left brain integrated, combining analytical thought with intuitive experience while supplying ingenuity to problems and challenges. They use contention more than consensus and will take the lead in advocating major positions. They are introverted styles and will possess exceptional precision in thought and language; display strong will; show reluctance for spontaneous physical contact; become impatient with those who become emotional.

Overextended Pattern 124 A:

The Power Broker requires an entrepreneurial space and has an assertive approach to people. They fear being associated with losers and will be preoccupied with courting lady luck. They are driven by a need to excel. They will show discontentedness with the status quo; seeking people who think and act in line with their views. They will want to place people in key roles where they can serve their interests–often at the expense of the persons interest. They exhaust others in others attempts to meet the unrealistic expectations placed on them. They minimize people who cannot keep up with their accelerated pace, replacing them when they are no longer an asset. They will gain commitment from others by offering them rewards; increasing the ante to focus their attention; neglecting to build loyalty by not offering them long-term commitment in return. They play a significant part in the lives of those who value their opinion and leave everyone else out. They withhold judgment when others request it in an effort to gain an advantage over them, hoping to solidify their authoritative position.


The Power Broker becomes annoyed outwardly; showing irritation at once when others appear doubtful and questioning; hold grudges for a period of time. They avoid conventional approaches and traditional avenues to solving problems, display impatience, and are quick to pass judgment on those who disagree with their way of doing things.

Romantic Relationships:

The Power Broker tend to be possessive without appearing overly demanding; make the other person feel needed; serve as counselor and friend; will test their mate’s patience with unusual humor; may be viewed as threatening to a mate with low self-esteem. They will seek mates they can direct and control and will either agree or disagree when bantering, but will likely fail or lack the patience to understand their mate’s plight. They are unpredictable and energetic and will need words of affirmation and meaningful touch that the mate may begrudge giving.


The Power Broker is extroverted and right brain intuitive. They deal imaginatively by using spontaneous actions; project themselves as an expert on a variety of subjects. They see friends as disciples and act as coaches as opposed to just being a friend. They are fun and exciting to be with and will like to do a variety of things involving groups so they can gain an audience. They express ideas openly and easily and will be quick to change positions they once held with conviction. They project witticism and a high degree of cleverness using instances more often than generalities to prove a point. They are charming and loyal as long as they believe you are on their side.


The Power Broker seeks comfort in home surroundings; create stimulating living environments, a place for exciting communication, dislikes mundane chores and routines and can encounter difficulty with rearing children.They may want children to do as they say as opposed to doing what they do. They are haphazard situational learners who expect their children to make them look good, often using them as trophies.

Career Paths:

The Power Broker desires to affect people with their powerful personality. They are often leaders in the area of sales and service or start-ups. They like turning losing situations into winning scenarios. They are always looking to show observable results and want to avoid dull and routine jobs that don’t involve people mixing. They will show discrimination and insight in the selection of people, gain high performance by working with talented people, and will delegate broad and creative projects to others. They are considered movers and shakers and will enjoy mobile activities with fluid work-flow as opposed to static jobs where their is limited people contact.

Workplace Habits:

The Power Broker is unconventional and creative. They prefer executive management and entrepreneurial activities that involve creative ideas and public exposier. They are unpredictable, challenging, observing (keen), and will likely be several steps ahead of others. They speak off the cuff at times and may withhold judgment in an effort to appear smart.


The Power Broker will appear more intuitive than analytical. They use consensus more than contention, involve others in their discussions, and will prearrange thoughts prior to discussions. They are quick, useful, skillful, and will exaggerate issues for affect.