The Persuader
High I Personality - The Influence Family

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The I family is associated with the OPTIMISM emotion. This means everyone in the I family needs and appreciates BEING LIKED on some level. They are usually EXTROVERTED, PEOPLE ORIENTED, and FAST MOVING. Their goal is INTERACTION. The orientation of this style is ATTRACTING. This style believes all people are commodities with market value.


The Persuader loves working with and through people to accomplish their own objectives.  They easily gain support and respect by their outgoing and persuasive personality.  Persuaders are able to impress others and sell themselves using their winning ways. They are all about themselves although some will not know this. Persuaders prefer their environment to provide mobility and they like challenging assignments and a variety of activities.  They like to look good.


Persuader are not time sensitive nor are they very aware of errors and mistakes. They learn through trail and error and will repeat mistakes from the past. They are situational listeners and do not pay attention to the details. Their positive outlook may cause them to be too optimistic about their work habits and other’s potential.  They tend to overestimate their ability to change the behavior of others. They are highly trusting.

Romantic Relationships:

The Persuader will be attracted to passive partners they can rely on and that can bring stabilization and reliability. They seek stable people who are less expressive, make reasonable demands, and are good listeners. Persuaders are usually the more impatient, verbally aggressive partners in the relationship. They can appear angry and impatient when they don’t get their way and will pout and sulk when ill effected. They like pizazz and physical involvement.


The Persuader seeks friends that admire them. They can have passive friends they can compete with and direct and control, but usually want aggressive successful friends they can emulate and identify with. They speak their mind in relationships and expect them to do the same. They like emotional banter and will be highly flexible, unreliable, and less loyal. They have many friendships with shallow interfacing.


Persuader parents are fun, chaotic, challenging, and electrifying. They are poor “bad cops” and great “good cops.” The other parent will make the rules and like the children, the Persuader will likely break them. They are unpredictable, challenging, entertaining, and will change their mind without warning. They can be over emotional as a parent and will use fear and emotional appeals to get their way.

Career Paths:

Persuaders like to be center stage and in the spotlight. They seek position power and influential roles where they can be the stars of the show. They like people oriented positions with high people contacts. This could include sales, leadership, motivational speaking, acting, improvisation, preachers, stand-up comedians, real estate sales, car sales, and positions with a high degree of people interaction.

Workplace Habits:

Persuader habits include being messy, confused, enthusiastic, disorganized, careless and scattered (ADD). They jump off the cliff and build their wings while falling. They are very good at faking it until they make it. They fear not being liked and will therefore charm their way into people’s hearts.


People with optimistic styles seek freedom from constraints—allowing their ideas and creativity to flow freely.  This unstructured approach can cause them to stray from necessary norms and procedures. Following established procedures is important to their success, but they don’t know it.  It keeps them from losing track of timelines and deadlines, and keeps them from overlooking key details and making mistakes.  To improve with people, they need to be more objective about others’ skill levels.