The Mysterious
High S Personality - The Stable Family

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The S family is associated with the Patience emotion. This means everyone in the S family needs and appreciates SAFETY and SECURITY on some level. They are usually INTROVERTED, SAFETY ORIENTED, and SLOW MOVING. Their goal is PEACE and HARMONY. The orientation of this style is RESPONDING. This style believes things of value can only be received from an outside source. They tend to wait for it to show up and expect it in and through others.


The Mysterious (Stabilizer) is considerate, patient and always stand ready to help others.  Introverted. Because of their modest and mild-mannered personality, they “roll with the punches” well.  They seek to restore harmony to home or the workplace.  They seek to minimize conflict and create a calm safe environment.  They are friendly compassionate people who patiently listen with empathy.  They build few, but deep, relationships and are loyal friends and partners. They desire safety and security and are left brain analytical.


The Mysterious is conflict avoidant. They rarely tell you where they stand on issues and never deal with problems and challenges head-on. They hunker in the bunker when trouble comes and remain neutral in disputes involving more than two people. They rarely open up and leave people wondering what they are thinking. They are very difficult to read. They hold their cards close and can disconnect emotions from their countenance.

Romantic Relationships:

The Mysterious will be attracted to aggressive partners they be controlled by. They are often a target for bully partners and will usually put up with difficult or abusive partners. They are easygoing and less verbal in the relationship. They will dream more than they will do and will be the peacemaker who believes most of the problems in the relationship are their fault. If the Mysterious ends a relationship, wild horses can’t change that outcome.


The Mysterious seeks friendships that they can be a help to. They are caregivers at heart. They are extremely loyal and reliable in relationships. They are rarely the aggressor and usually the “helper” when problems and challenges come. Dependable, stable, and careful, this style makes a very good friend.


Mysterious parents are steady maintainers. The develop routines for their children and create a stable loving and peaceful environment. They are non aggressive, but can blow their top when their very long fuse runs out. They are good listeners, even-handed disciplinarians, and predictable. They have a reputation for being one of the best parenting styles. They develop routines and create strong family ties.

Career Paths:

Mysterious styles like to assist and help others with their problems. They are nurses, social workers, hospice caregivers, assistants, Red Cross workers, librarians, and teachers. They bring stability, calmness and reliability to chaotic situations.

Workplace Habits:

Mysterious habits include helping, assisting others with challenges, and keeping quiet. They rarely take an aggressive stand; they like their ducks in a row, and need plenty of time to make changes. They are loyal, patient workers.


The Mysterious style prefers practical, tried-and true procedures that ensure stability. They like familiar and predictable patterns that produce consistent and reliable outcomes. They prefer to work behind the scenes and offer support, rather than to lead a charge. Their ability to plan and follow procedures results in a consistent pleasurable performance.