The Flatline Pattern
Outlier Personality Types

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The Flatlined Pattern:

When the responses to the assessment produce a graph where all of the bars are clustered rather closely together, it is called a tight pattern. While this is somewhat of a rare pattern, it appears for a variety of reasons. First, it may come from a response of trying to be all things to all people, namely to be decisive, to interact with people, to get the job done, and also to maintain high quality control… all at the same time. It also may result when someone has received insufficient rewards, instruction, or training regarding a job role. A similar graph might emerge when someone is in the midst of a job change or a change in specific responsibilities related to the job. Finally, it may result from some ambiguity about the job role, or the respondent’s position in the job role. For clarification, the respondent may decide to retake the instrument in the near future and maintain a solid focus on a specific job role.