The Evaluator
High C Personality - The Compliant Family

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The C family is associated with the FEAR emotion. This means everyone in the C family needs INFORMATION. They are usually INTROVERTED, TASK ORIENTED, and SLOW MOVING. Their goal is PERFECTION and the orientation is PRESERVING.


Evaluators enjoy being a team member and helping others succeed. They prefer a supportive role, and would rather not be the leader unless they have a desire to be in control (this is an attitude not a behavior). They don’t want to be held accountable for major decisions or taking risks. When they have plenty of time to think things through, they can bring valuable insights to the team process. Their reluctance to move fast can frustrate others. Left brain integrated (analytical/intuitive).


Evaluators are over accommodating and will fear failure. They need to be liked and will be conflict avoidant. They tend to be hard on themselves and expect personal perfection. Preferring to be around those who are elevated within groups, this style is all about looking good in the eyes of others and appearing smart. They may form strategic alliances and relationships to advance their social standing within social orders.

Romantic Relationships:

Evaluators are quaint and friendly people. Their relationships are built on mutual trust and reliability. They often find themselves attracted to dominant outgoing styles—they are easily taken advantage of because they can be conflict avoiders. They may not tell their partner where they stand on certain issues until they are sure of the outcome and they do not like factions or mean spirited partners. They are relationship selective and others may have to qualify in order to be worthy of the relationship.


The Evaluator is a long-term reliable friend. They are in relationships for harmonious friendship and shared thinking. They are somewhat predictable, careful, and less revealing of their emotions. They listen more than they fully express their thoughts out loud. They can also hold a grudge and remember others’ mistakes. They are careful to say and do the right things in order to have a relationship that works.


The Evaluator parent is accommodating and inspiring. They appreciate and inspire children and keep them going when the going gets tough. They are dependable, calm, and avoid conflicts. They are protective and proactive, but may be rules driven as opposed to forgiving. They are scheduled, efficient, and tend to show devotion. They will take charge when others fail and will lead in thought and information gathering.

Career Paths:

The Evaluator will seek specialty positions such as finance, the computer industry, and fields where specialty and quality is required. They also like people contacts. They like to predict their outcomes and will be attracted to stable, friendly, and predictable environments where they can have a small group of associates who respect what each one knows.

Workplace Habits:

Evaluators, when working with others, are open to expressing their feelings.  They dislike aggression, and have a mild need to predict their environment.  They do this with facts, figures and accuracy. They tend to get bogged down in details when fearful and don’t like taking unnecessary risks. They look through a lens of logic and reason, but can emotionally connect with others too. They like challenge and excitement and prefer to work with people that are talented and know “why.”


Evaluators prefer a comfortable and cooperative environment where people are trusting and pleasant. They thrive when they can contribute to projects that require attention to detail. Daily performance and self-discipline is important to Practitioners. The expectations they have of themselves and others are very high. They have a tendency to voice disapproval when their expectations are not met.