The Engineer
High C Personality - The Compliant Family

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The C family is associated with the FEAR emotion. This means everyone in the C family needs INFORMATION. They are usually INTROVERTED, TASK ORIENTED, and SLOW MOVING. Their goal is PERFECTION and their orientation is PRESERVING. Preservers believe not much good can come from the outside world thus stand ready for the worst case scenario.


The Engineer (Standard Bearer) believes if it can’t be done right, then why do anything at all—that is the mantra of the Engineer Style. Thinker styles are driven by a need for accuracy and logic. The fear emotion needs precision, and the patient emotion results in an individual with a strong quality focus with reliable instincts. Engineers are left brain analytical. They make decisions using consensus balanced with contention; share available information with others and respect differences of opinion.


Engineers are extremely safety conscious. They are critical, worrisome, overly fearful of errors and mistakes, and they may live on emotional “thin ice.” They will need their ducks in a row before making important decisions and will be risk-adverse. They may remain silent for deliberate lengths of time when others show disagreement. They will complain about events, yearn for the better past, and state their personal position only when answers are readily available.

Romantic Relationships:

Engineers are quiet and friendly people. Their relationships are built un trust and reliability. They often find themselves attracted to dominant outgoing styles—they do the listening while the partner does the talking. They rarely tell you where they stand on the issues and are conflict avoidant. They will impose their standards on their mate and children and will require stability. They like their mate to be reliable and consistent with traditional ways. They can be black and white thinkers and can keep a record of wrongs.


The Engineer is a reliable friend. They are in relationships for the long term. They are highly predictable, careful, and less revealing of their emotions within friendships. They listen far more than they express their thoughts out loud. They can also hold a grudge for a long time. They are introverted and prefer quiet, modest friendships. Certain extroverted styles may bring out their “other side,” but only temporarily.


The Engineer parent is a stabilizer. They are careful, concise, very protective and conscientious. They walk a personal chalk line and typically expect the same if they are dominant. They are quiet and stoic in nature. They are not expressive of their feelings and will see what will go wrong before they see what will go right with children. They are amiable, serene and less abrupt.

Career Paths:

The Engineer will seek specialty positions such as finance, the computer industry, and fields where specialty is required. They are typically in research and development or quality control positions where experts are a must. They like to predict their outcomes and will be attracted to stable and predictable environments.

Workplace Habits:

Engineers, when working with others, are somewhat reticent in expressing their feelings.  They dislike aggression, and have a strong need to predict their environment.  They do this with facts, figures and accuracy. They tend to get bogged down in details and don’t like taking unnecessary risks. They look through a lens of logic and reason. They expect a non-hostile environment with well-defined guidelines.


Engineers are precise thinkers and employ plans and procedures for both their personal and professional lives, thus avoiding the unexpected. They use due diligence when called upon for detailed accuracy. They question assumptions and require loads of information that they can analyze when exploring alternatives and before making a decision or reaching conclusions.

Engineers have high standards and adhere to pre-set procedures for accomplishments.  They enjoy overcoming challenges through persistence and intense focus of attention.  They can benefit from people who bring levity and positive energy to the environment, in order to provide encouraging feedback and boost morale.