The Authoritarian
High D Personality - The Dominance Family

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The D family is associated with the ANGER emotion. This means everyone in the D family needs and appreciates PROBLEMS and CHALLENGES on some level. They are usually EXTROVERTED, TASK ORIENTED, and FAST MOVING. Their goal is RESULTS. The Dominant orientation is “taking.” Dominant orientations believe anything of value resides outside of the self and must be pursued and taken captive.


The Authoritarian is forward looking, determined, bottom-line oriented, tenacious, quick, and can accomplish a lot in a little time. They initiate activity and challenge the status quo.


They overstep authority, can be very direct, they are impatient with others, augmentative, lack tact and diplomacy, and focus too heavily on things rather than on people. They also find satisfaction in discussing themselves.

Romantic Relationships:

The Authoritarian will be attracted to passive partners they can direct and control. They will also find it difficult to navigate their emotions in the context of relationship and will feel awkward with touchy-feely people. The partner may feel more like an object than a person seeing they are secondary to a strong career invest. They show affection by doing things for their partner as opposed to saying things to them.

They can appear emotionally detached as opposed to engaged. They will be abrupt, pushy, and quick-fused. Only the strong will survive a long-term relationship with an Authoritarian.


The Authoritarian seeks friendships that sharpen their skills. They rarely associate with passive styles unless they need something. They speak their mind in relationships and expect others to do the same. They rarely cultivate the friendship, but rather expect it to work on its own. They rarely open up to others and usually keep an emotional arms length.


Authoritarian parents are militaristic in their approach to parenting. You may hear statements like; “Wipe that smirk off your face or I’ll wipe it off for you.” Or “I brought you into this world, I can take you out.” They are limited in patience when it comes to foolishness and do not do well with emotional daughters. They are strict and tight in their rules and can blow up suddenly on a child. They frequently assign tasks to others and may demand punctual scheduling. They will watch their child’s growth and development from the sideline.

Career Paths:

Authoritarians like to be in charge. They seek position power, a large desk, and authoritative roles. They like task oriented positions with limited people contact. This could include engineers, race car drivers, CEO’s, Banking, Start-ups, Project management, construction, doctors, heart surgeons, lawyers, and preachers. They want respect and give respect to those who they believe deserve it.

Workplace Habits:

Authoritarian habits include being competitive, goal setting, seeking challenge and opportunity, and rocking the boat. They like non-routine work and thrive on complex social and economic problems that can be solved by creative analysis. They pour their energy into meeting higher standards of personal performance.


The Authoritarian needs freedom from details, controls, supervision, and non-intelligent people. They need a forum to express ideas along with alone time that involves work. When communicating with this person, stick to business, present facts logically, get to the point, and don’t complain. They are tense, compact, and logical when sharing ideas so avoid stating the obvious; restrict comments to a minimum, and be precise.