Engineer your for success!

 How would you like to unlock a hidden super power? An ability to know how to hire the perfect person, have the BEST relationships, how to find the perfect partner, or fix what’s broken in your family? You can do this and more through a simple process and a person with a special gift!


jumpstarters-steve--0034-1I3A1548In your family: most people have little to no self-awareness and as a result, they make very poor relationship decisions, child rearing decisions, practical family decisions, and planning decisions. Self-esteem, social awareness, empathy, systemic thinking, role direction, self direction, and several other behavioral and emotional counterparts play a huge role in “how” your brain will decide to act. Knowing yourself and your spouse on all these levels of being is paramount for personal and family relationship success.

In your business: after consulting with entrepreneurs in the areas of behavior, emotion, and motivation for the past 25 years, I have identified some of the main ingredients that kill personal productivity, morale, and profits. In the workspace, bad hiring decisions, toxic leaders, poor performance, toxic cultures, terrible managers, poor people positioning, and bait & switch interviews are company killers. Everybody hates hiring the wrong leader, manager, or work person for an important job only to find out … thousands of dollars later. But there’s one thing even worse than bad hiring; poor to no self or social-awareness. Most people are clueless as to who they are, who their spouse is, and who they are working with.

The Good News9e3a5180

It can all be fixed. In this mastermind you will:

  1. Learn how to connect with your kids like never before.
  2. Understand your spouse on a level you only dream about.
  3. Learn how to engineer a great family culture.
  4. Learn how to pursue only what you will naturally succeed at.
  5. Learn how to read your kids in less than 3 minutes.
  6. Learn how to read body language like a book.
  7. Learn how to communicate with incredible effectiveness.
  8. Learn how to maximize your marital and family relationships.
  9. Learn how to change unwanted behaviors.
  10. Learn how to see your spouse as they really are instead of as you are.
  11. Learn how to hire like a pro using my methods.
  12. Learn what you should stop doing in your business and life for better success.
  13. Learn whether you should be working on or in your business.
  14. And much more…

The Mastermind [Annual & One-Off Weekends]

During your Mastermind experience you will:

  1. Meet 3 times per year (*or for a weekend event) in a city near you for 2 impactful days.
  2. Receive a full Emotional, Behavioral, and Axiological Analysis for yourself, your spouse/business partner, and 1 top leader.
  3. Access unlimited phone calls based on my availability.
  4. Be able to bring 1 guest to each meeting.
  5. Spend quality time with 9 other amazing entrepreneurs.
  • Weekend events contain a day and a half of massive self-awareness, behavioral dynamics, relationship dynamics (partners & spouses), communication styles, people smarts, and much, much more!

Apply Now

Click the button below to apply. Applications for 2017 will not be accepted after November 15, 2016. IMPORTANT: Use the contact form if interested in a weekend event.


There are 10 spots available for annual MasterMinds and you can attend your first meeting “risk free.” Weekend Master Classes can fit up to 20 people.