With these tools and our full 1.5-hour debrief you can:


1. Learn what makes you do the things you do.
2. Learn what your brain needs to feel happy.
3. Learn what environments work best for your brain.
4. Learn what career is likely the best one for your current state of mind.
5. Learn what type of relationship works best for you.
6. Learn the process your brain uses as a default processing mechanism.
7. Learn what specific element is getting in the way of your career goals.
8. Learn what you need to stop doing in order to move forward now.
9. Learn what your specific super power is.
10. Learn what will increase your chances of success in specific environments.
11. Learn where you’re limited in communication effectiveness.
12. And much more!


13. Learn what your empathy score looks like and your personal bias.
14. Learn what your practical thinking (knowing what to do and when to do it) score looks like and your personal bias.
15. Learn what your systemic judgment (your response to established rules, authority figures, and structures) score looks like and your personal bias.
16. Learn what will increase your self-esteem score is and your personal bias.
17. Learn where your role-awareness (how connected you are to what you do in the world) is at and your personal bias.
18. Learn where your self-direction is at. This covers goal-directedness and future orientations.