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Steve is one of today’s Master Level Behavioral Profilers and lead Behavioral Analyst at The Behavioral Resource Group. His behavioral consultation involves personality difference, career strategy, leadership strategy, cultural difference, spiritual growth, relationship management, and temperament strategy. Working with clients in more than 18 nations, Steve gathers behavioral, emotional, and attitudinal information on individuals within corporate and personal settings and develops strategies for effective leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurial success.

Steve’s clients have come to know him as their “go to” source for behavioral and attitudinal issues within the framework of business, family, and career intensions. His work is unconventional, his approach is practical, and his outcomes are unbelievable while he remains somewhat fashionable. Steve has shared the platform with top speakers such as Guy Kawasaki, Kimbal Musk, Steve Sims, Dan Martel, Ben Greenfield, and David Asprey. Steve has also been featured on podcasts large and small such as the Art of Charm, Ben Greenfield, the Unmistakably Creative and many others which you can experience by Googling: Steven Sisler podcast.

Steve makes personality easy and teaches from an Aristos Personality Model of understanding. Steve is a world class speaker and has spoken at The Vineyard Leadership Institute, Mastermind Talks; Toronto Canada, The EMP Group at M.I.T. Boston (6 years running), EO’s Global Leadership Conference in Athens Greece, EO; Sydney, Perth, Adelaid, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland New Zealand, and worked with Hero Switzerland as well as a myriad of dot com’s throughout the United States and the world at large.

Steve speaks on subjects such as Communication, Aristos Personality Theory, The Emotional Framework, The Power of Imperfection, Post-Modern Influences, Attitudes & Values, Spiritual Difference, Leadership & Self-Understanding, Behavioral Languages, Personality Difference, and is the creator of The Maven Way of Management as found in his popular book; “There’s More to Management Than a Big Desk.”

Aristos Personality Theory

Dr. John Geier, founder of international consultant networks and Geier Learning International, has researched personality and work behavioral competencies for more than forty years. His distinguished career included the influential positions of: Director of Behavioral Sciences, University of Minnesota, Visiting Professor University of Wisconsin, Dean of the Extended University, University of Arizona, Adjunct Professor of Graduate School of Business, at the University of Michigan where he taught thousands of managers in the internationally renowned “Manager of Managers” seminar. He is the author of a number of works including the landmark books, Energetics of Personality, Career Fulfillment, and Behavior Personality Analysis.

Dr. Geier further explained human personality through the use of D-I-S-C and the integration of temperament, character, and behavior into what he called Aristos Personality Theory. His original work is not only the only work rooted in the earlier contested work of William Moulton Marston (1893-1947) and Erich Fromm (1900-1980), it is in our opinion the most reliable. Dr. Geier’s early research efforts brought credibility to Marston’s theory, in the use of Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance differentiation. To ensure the recognition of Dr. Marston’s efforts, Dr. Geier acquired the copyright of Marston’s collected works from his widow and wrote a comprehensive introduction to support the “perceived trait” approach in describing human relationships. Geier’s work is largely based on the behavioral orientations of Erich Fromm, the renowned German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, and sociologist.

Behavioral Resource Group along with Zeke Lopez, a behavioral edge designer at GoGranule, are engaged in a mission to finish what Geier started by integrating the 4 temperament model, Robert S. Hartman’s HVP, and Gordon Alport’s 7 Values framework. By gathering ten’s of thousands of individual profiles, running “actual” analysis through personally debriefing thousands of individuals along with statistical analysis, Steve and Zeke are changing the way behavioral analysis and modern assessment recognition is done. Their unconventional clarity combined with intuitive insights are uncovering massive batches of data for better behavioral and relationship understanding both in life and work.